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Natalie Serber (fiction, ’05): Natalie’s story “Developmental Blah Blah” is up in serial this week at Five

Developmental Blah Blah — Part One

Mini cupcakes — iced,  sprinkled, and dressed in ruffled paper wrappers — lined the pastry case like a jolly marching band. Cassie leaned forward to peer in at all the tiny perfection. “I don’t know…He’s going to be fifty.”

The young woman behind the counter, bleak and gothic with kohl-lined eyes, a metal stud flashing high on her cheek like a hammered-in beauty mark, and thick black sweatbands on both wrists, was a flesh-and-blood contradiction to the buoyant mural on the wall behind her — rainbows and bluebirds.

“Little cupcakes seem appropriate for an eight-year-old girl’s birthday party. Are these too hopeful?” …[Keep Reading]…

Natalie is the author of Shout Her Lovely Name (2012, Houghton Mifflin).


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