Post-MFA Conference Announcement

From Peter Klank (fiction, ’85), 2012 Post-MFA Conference coordinator:

Hi everyone,

As I hope you’ve all seen, we’ve got a fantastic group coming to the conference this year, with several more signed up since I sent out the list. However, we really hope to get a few more attendees (we’re at 33 right now), so I’m happy to announce that the Conference Committee has voted to waive the $100 late fee for this year. In addition, the drop-dead deadline of June 23 has been extended to (postmarked) Friday, June 29.

You know you’ve wanted to come; take the plunge. Where else are you going to get the kind of time, focus, and attention to your work that you’ll get here? We’ve got people signed up for Fiction and Poetry Workshops and Manuscript Review (longer poetry collections) and Fiction Roundtable (longer fiction works). Or just hang out with a bunch of writers, a bunch of Wallys, as a matter of fact.

Click here for more information about the conference.

If you think you’ll be signing up, it would be great if you’d drop me a line at

Really, are you seriously still sitting on the fence?

Good writing; see you in August.


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