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Glenis Redmond (poetry, ’11): Glenis’ poem “We Stored Up” is part of the 75 Artful Days of Summer at N.C. Arts Everyday:

We Stored Up

Honeysuckle’s perfumed song
is a real head turner, a whiplashing beauty.
When she come ‘round everybody
wants a chance to dance with that yellow gal.

Her dress-ripple and smell good ways
made a body want to shake loose
from winter’s cage. We fit summer
into Saturdays and Sundays.

All we had back then seemed like plenty.
Good eatin: Garden greens plenty,
blackberries, plums and cantaloupe.
We burst watermelons right in the field...[Keep Reading]…

Glenis is the author of Under the Sun (2008, Main Street Rag) and Backbone (2000, Underground Epics).


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