C.J. Hribal at Why There are Words

Faculty member C.J. Hribal will read Thursday, August 9th at the Why There are Words Literary Reading Series.  The reading will take place from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at Studio 333 in Sausalito, CA.  Visit Why There are Words for more information.

In the meantime, you can read his interview for the series:

I think the hardest and most important thing I can do when I write is work with an empathetic imagination. I don’t know when I get into a character’s head and heart what I’m going to find there. I certainly don’t have a road map for where I want to get to.  It’s an exploration, and when I delve deep into a character’s voice and thoughts I try to lose myself, to become them as much as possible. I don’t worry about the philosophy of what they’re expressing, I just want to get at the expression itself. As a person I’ve blundered through most of my life, and my characters often blunder through theirs. Maybe that’s what helps me get at their fear and their grief as well as their joy. Life overwhelms us from time to time, and into the darkness we jump, feet first. That’s what I try to do when I’m writing, catch my characters mid-jump, while they’re still howling on the way down,  before they know if the parachute is going to open or not...[Keep Reading]…

C.J. is the author of the novel, The Company Car (2006, Random House).


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