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Patrick Donnelly (poetry, ’03): Patrick’s poem, “Which Makes Me, I Guess, the Muddy Colorado” appears in the current issue of Plume:

Which Makes Me, I Guess, The Muddy Colorado

 …carved with the curious legend of my youth…

— Stanley Kunitz


What we learn from most pornography is

        that a great many primates so professionally beautiful

as to make one’s teeth ache

               have had congress with a great many other such primates,

though only a few seemed really that into it.


What only a specialized, expensive or amateur category of porn

        reveals is that occasionally one of the immortals will,

as in Cavafy’s poem, condescend to love up

               an ordinary person. Even the Grand Canyon

was full before it was empty: over the eons...[Keep Reading]…

Patrick is the author of Nocturnes of the Brothel of Ruin (Stahlecker Selections) (Four Way, 2012).


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