RJ Gibson and Mike Puican in Cortland Review

Alumni RJ Gibson (poetry, ’11) and Mike Puican (poetry, ’09) both have poems appearing in Issue 56 of The Cortland Review, complete with audio recordings:

Immersion Method

RJ Gibson

Now that your wife’s moved out
you’ve papered your house, downstairs and up
with yellow Post-It Notes. Each object’s tag bears
its name in French.  You’re living in the world
you know, yes, but also the world you don’t know yet.
Aren’t we all.
Yours is a world where the kitchen range
is powered by gaz. Your cabinets, drawers are full
of fourchettes, couteaux, cups, et cuillères...[Keep Reading]…

When He’s Dead

Mike Puican

he can finally stop wondering whether God exists or if
he’ll ever have the nerve to hug his father. He no longer
has to say, “A part of me feels uncomfortable with the Democrats.”
Finally he can stop thinking about what he should have said
in the custody hearing, how he shouldn’t have been so flip
to the court-ordered psychologist. He can stop daydreaming
about the tree of heaven that grows 15 feet each year
even though the Polish lady cuts it to the ground each spring, …[Keep Reading]…

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