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Maya Janson (poetry, ’06): Maya’s debut poetry collection Murmur & Crush  is now available from Levellers Press.

This is for the woman in pigtails on the median strip
holding a hand-lettered sign: Find what you love
and follow it. It’s the day before the vernal equinox
and there’s so much standing about in sandals
amidst mounds of discouraged snow, so much
refraction in the cathedral that it’s hard to hear
the inner sparrow. The birds come in
on the in-tide and then they’re trapped.
There’s a man wearing a tee-shirt, logo of
boots and spurs on his chest. Emblazoned.
Like the slash of white
across the muzzle of your favorite horse.
And the couple at the corner table, whispering
into each other’s mouth, stroking each other’s hands
and cheekbones like there’s something hidden there.
There is always something hidden there.
Think of your past as the study of plate tectonics.
Once in the Upper Peninsula in the car of a stranger.
Once beneath a train trestle.
Certain truths abide.
Nobody wants to be the poor in spirit.
Everyone loves a good downpour.
Visit the publisher’s website for more information or to purchase.

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