Alumni New Releases

Poetry alumni Adrian Blevins (poetry, 2002) and James Franco (poetry, 2012) and  have just published new chapbooks with Hollyridge Press.

From Adrian Blevins’ Bloodline

[Excerpt from “The Plunge”] “…and the Spartan elderly with their floating picnic debris / of supple infant charges and their toy guns…”

[Excerpt from “Tongue-Tied at Sea”] “And yes, people / were hungry and there were too many cats and trash and yes this is the shame and the dumb trouble // I don’t want to talk about.”

From James Franco’s Strongest of the Litter

[Excerpt from “Patterson Love”] “I’m a raging Kowalski whose / Temper can be measured by // How little I can give. / How abusive my reticence.”

[Excerpt from “Death”] “Then my father passed / And that was a big one. / And I saw that all the motions / Of his life were sucked into his hole.”

For more information, visit the publishers website.


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