Antonya Nelson in The New Yorker

Faculty member Antonya Nelson‘s short story “Literally” appears in the most recent issue of The New Yorker.


She’s always late!” the sixteen-year-old sobbed. She’d set up the ironing board and its accessories like a shrine to housewifery. Heat shimmered in the air, had already slightly compromised the plastic of the spray bottle. Only Bonita could master the pleats of Suzanne’s ghastly uniform skirt. Other girls did not care. Still others had punctual housekeepers. Or parents who ironed.

“Suse is so anal,” her brother, Danny, noted from the table, where he and his father were studying their computer screens over breakfast, sharing news items and a bowl of pineapple. “She takes three showers a day, which is more than some people take in a year. In the future, that will be illegal. Seriously, I skip showers so that our carbon footprint won’t be so terrible.” …[Keep Reading]…

Antonya is the author of the story collection Some Fun (2010, Scribner) and the novel Bound (2010, Bloomsbury USA).


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