Faculty and Alumni in NER

New work by faculty member Jennifer Grotz and alumni Brendan Grady (poetry, ’12) and Margaree Little (poetry, ’12) appears in the latest issue of New England Review.

Jennifer Grotz

Water turns everything into a jewel
then puts a metal taste in the mouth
slowly replaced by dust. Which is why standing
in the rainy street you feel much richer than you are.
Or, aware that everything will dry, much poorer...[Keep Reading]…

Brendan Grady

We know the moths circling the porch light,
the dolt among them breaking orbit,
dusty Icarus drawn to his demise.

This isn’t new, but seventeen others
stuck on the wall have turned their wings
against it, like stoics, as if the light isn’t light, …[Keep Reading]…

from The Heron
Margaree Little

An Egyptian king buried with a boat to travel in:

wasn’t he like that in a way,
the man we found,

the dust like balm if balm were dry?

And like the king’s boat, made to go down the river
to another world,

wasn’t he left with what he’d need to travel more,
since what he had was after all

all he’d had to travel that far with? …[Keep Reading]…


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