An Interview with Margot Livesey

Faculty member Margot Livesey was recently interviewed for Gulf Stream Magazine:


ML: I do feel that parts of myself are scattered throughout my various books.  There is always something or someone in each of my novels that I care passionately about for personal reasons so, for instance, in The Missing World when I describe a woman losing part of her memory, I was in part writing about my own dependence on memory.  Spending most of my time three thousand miles away from where I grew up, I am very dependent on memory to make my life whole.  (Of course this is true for many people in the States.)  I do feel that my life is larger when I’m writing a novel – it’s one of the reasons I love writing – but also when I’m reading one.…[Keep Reading]…

Margot is the author of the novel The Flight of Gemma Hardy (Harper Perennial, 2012).


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