As most of you know, Heather McHugh is fronting a terrific organization
she set up to give a space and some time to write for those who are in the
day-to-day front line of caring for disabled loved ones . Caregifted is
past the start-up phase, and into trying to establish legacy funds and a
permanent basis for continued support of these under-sung caregivers. To
spread the word, she has teamed with film-maker Adam Larson to create a
feature length documentary about the project. Here’s a great a link to a
description of the project:

Heather and Adam have pulled in nearly enough donations to make this film
a reality; they are only $695.00 away from their goal. The rub is, they
need to come up with that small amount by January 14th. If you can spare a
few dollars for a wonderful project, please push the donate button and
help Heather and Adam put their project over the top.

Find out more about Caregifted at


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