Hoagland and Young at Plume

New work by faculty members Tony Hoagland and C. Dale Young appears online at Plume magazine.

Writing Under the Influence of Me
~Tony Hoagland

It means I drop things, and I keep turning

around while I forget what I am looking for.

Writing under the influence of me

means that I touch my paintbrush to my face unconsciously,

that I break something that belongs to someone else,

then hide the pieces under the couch.  …[Keep Reading]…


~C. Dale Young

I learned to hide the wings, almost immediately,

learned to tuck and bandage them down.

Long before the accident, before the glass shattering

and the scene going dim, dimmer, and then dark,

before the three fractures at the axis, the three cracks


in the bone, it had already begun.  …[Keep Reading]…



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