Warren Wilson MFA at AWP

Schedule of Events

Thursday, March 7

9-10:15 a.m.
R115.  A Capella Zoo: A Reading of Magical Realism and Slipstream
Alumna Erin Stalcup
with Laura Miller, Amelia Gray, Mary Lou Buschi, and Jack Kaulfus
Room 203, level 2

R135. Keeping Track of Your Book
Faculty member Lan Samantha Chang
with Mary Kay Zuravleff, Hannah Tinti, Bich Minh Nguyen, and Porter Shreve
Room 109, Plaza level

R148.  Being a Good Literary Citizen
Alumnus Matthew Specktor
with Rob Spillman, Alan Heathcock, Emma Straub, and Julie Barer
Room 302/304, level 3

BF11. Grub Street Presents:  The Icon, the Immigrant, the Bookie and the Superhero
Faculty member Christopher Castellani
  with Steve Almond, Andrew Goldstein, Rosie Sulton, Sarah Gerkensmeyer
Patricia Olson Bookfair Stage, Exhibit Hall A, Plaza Level

R161.  Across the Pond: Fulbright and the Seamus Heaney Poetry Center
Faculty member Connie Voisine
and Jeffrey Thomson, Ciaran Carson, Sinead Morrissey
Room 105, Plaza level

R 165. Getting That First University Teaching Job
Faculty member  Liam Callanan
with Kathy Flann, Jane DeluryLizzie Skurnick, Jeanne Dubrow
Room 110, Plaza Level

R176.  Graywolf Press Reading
Faculty member Mary Szybist and alumna Catherine Barnett
with Sven Birkerts,  Mary Jo Bang, and J. Robert Lennon
Room 210

R177.  I Essay to Be
Faculty member David Shields
with Phillip Lopate, Maggie Nelson, and Amy Fusselman
Room 302/304, Level 3

R186.  Writing and Publishing Global Fiction in a US and British-Dominated Marketplace: Struggles and Strategies
Faculty member Dominic Smith
with Mary Helen Specht, Amanda Eyre Ward, Andrew Eames, and Nelly Rosario

R189.  Nothing But the Truth:  Perspectives on Creative Nonfiction in the Classroom and Beyond
Faculty member Michael Martone
with Catherine Cortese, Diane Roberts, Robin Hemley, Debra Monroe
Room 104, Plaza level

R195. From Exiled Memories to Cubop City Blues:  A Tribute to Pablo Medina
This tribute to faculty member Pablo Medina will also include Fred Arroyo and Rigoberto Gonzalez
Room 111, Plaza level

R196. From Parts to a Whole: Turning a Bunch of Essays into a Unified Book
Faculty member Susan Neville
with David Giffels, Sean Manning, and Meghan Daum.
Room 200, level 2

R199.  “Lady Lazarus” and Beyond:  The Craft of Sylvia Plath
Faculty member C. Dale Young and alumna Meghan O’Rourke
with Sandra Beasley, Tara Betts, and Shara Lessley
Room 203, level 2

R205.  Defining Contemporary Poetry:  How Do We Know How Much is Too Much, Not Enough, or Too Little
Faculty member Alan Shapiro
, with David Caplan, Adam Kirsch, and Charles Bernstein
Room 210, level 2

R206. Copper Canyon Press: The Next 40 Years
Faculty member Laura Kasischke
with Matthew Zapruder, Fady Joudah, Brenda Shaunessy, and Valzhyna Mort
Room 302/304, level 3

R221.  From Here, From Away: Maine’s Young Poets
Alumna Adrian Blevins
with Christian Barter, Gibson Fay-LeBlanc, and Jeffrey Thomson
Room 107, Plaza level

R229.  A Reading with Margot Livesey, Gail Mazur, and Maria Flook
Faculty member Margot Livesey
will read with her Emerson College colleagues.
Room 203, level 2

R236.  Camouflage and Capitalism: The Intellectual Appropriation of American Poetry
Faculty member Tony Hoagland and alumnus Reginald Dwayne Betts
with Laura McCullough, Kathleen Graber, and Peter Campion
Room 302/304, level 3

R244. Alice Hoffman and Tom Perrotta: A Reading and Conversation
Faculty member Christopher Castellani
Hynes Ballroom, level 3

R259.  Beyond Ekphrasis: The Pedagogy and Practice of Other Art Forms in the Creative Writing Classroom
Faculty member Caitlin Horrocks
with Rachel Marston, Shena McAuliffe, Nicole Sheets and Robert Glick
Room 204, level 2


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