Post-MFA Conference Deadline

Tomorrow, April 30, is the deadline to  register for this summer’s 2013 Goddard/Wally Alumni (Post MFA) Conference!

As a reminder, The conference itself is July 28 – Aug. 3 (or shorter stay option of July 31 – Aug. 3) at St. Mary’s in Moraga, CA (SF Bay Area).

From Peg Alford and Cass Pursell, your friendly conference co-coordinators:

We’re getting very excited as the registrations come in, from alums all over geographically — and temporally, as in grads of early days to brand spanking new.  Alums who have never attended before, ever, will be there.

The proposals for the classes and panels are varied and delectable, such as (very roughly paraphrased) theater games & improv & writing; writing “away from the self”; getting your mojo back; & more. There will be a fun Shakespeare reading, and of course, YOUR readings of your work.

To your choice of workshops, in addition to poetry & fiction, you may choose creative nonfiction this year.

Really, there’s simply too much to cover in this communiqué! You’ll have to come and see for yourself and from all the tasty offerings select your own smorgasbord.

You can be as involved as you like. Give a class, organize a discussion, participate in a panel. Attend those of your choice. Attend none. Hang out in your room, in the library, in the courtyard (St. Mary’s is gorgeous) and write, sleep, daydream. Hike! Swim!

Dance? Why, yes, if you care to. We’ll have one for sure.

The one thing you need to do, however, is get your registration in — now! Go to the website link and fill in the forms and pay on line, or download the forms, print out and fill and send the paper forms to us at the address listed.

You’ve heard it said before and if you haven’t you need to: it doesn’t matter if you don’t know a soul who’s coming to the conference. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t interacted with another alum in years, decades. You belong. Your presence is wanted. You’ll find initial awkwardness will dispel quickly. You’ll see.

Questions? We’ve got answers! Just ask.


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