Alumni Conference Registration

To all fellow alums:

We’re so looking forward to seeing many of you this summer at the Post-MFA conference. As we hope you know by now it will take place July 28-Aug. 3 at St. Mary’s in Moraga, CA (SF Bay Area).

The response has been terrific this year and we’re full of anticipation.

You can still register but only through May 14. Please note that there will be no deadline extensions this year. If you’ve been dawdling, please don’t dawdle any longer. We are going to have a wonderful time, with brand-new grads, brand-new attendees, brand-new classes and lectures, panels, lectures, caucuses, workshops, readings — you name it. We want to see you and want your participation. But don’t delay.

Here’s your link for info and for online registration. Notice that on the page there are two links: one to pay and then a separate one to register (fill out your information). Please do both.

Can you register by US post, you ask? Yes, you can. The info is on the link for how to do that. Again, please note that your information needs to arrive BY May 14.

Here’s your link:

You want to hear about the tasty offerings for classes, lectures, panels, and such, don’t you? Here are just a few. Landscape and the Willing Suspension of Disbelief, Structuring the Short Story Collection, Hiding in the Bathroom: Writing During (and About) Parenting, The Devil’s in the Sequence, Writing at the Grass Roots, Improv: Narrative and Lyric Games, Challenges and Joys of the Long Project, The Architecture of Dangerous Love in Alice Munro’s…

Join us!

Your alum conference organizers,

Peg Alford and Cass Pursell

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