Beauty and the Beast

“Beauty and the Beast,” a poem by faculty member Gabrielle Calvocoressi, appeared recently in the New York Times Magazine. The poem is accompanied by an original drawing by artist Joshua Abelow.


He’s huge. Standing there in the woods where I didn’t even see him at first. He doesn’t know I’m looking and then he moves a little bit and kicks the ground. I was walking by myself as the sun set. I kept going in deeper to the greenest spot until I found a clearing. He was the clearing. He took the clearing up and stood there still and watched me till I saw him. I saw his shoulders first and then his neck. I think he was so golden in the sun I didn’t know what he was. And I thought the branches were his horns. I thought he was an eight point stag. And how his chest made a kind of giant heart out of me out of my eyes looking. And he let me look. …[Keep Reading]…

Gabrielle is the author of Apocalyptic Swing Poems (2009, Persea Books).


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