Blender Day

“Blender Day,” a short piece by Ethna McKiernan (poetry, ’04) appears online at the Huffington Post.

Today could have been a day as bad as yesterday, only it was worse. All week I’d felt like I was inside a blender that someone had deliberately stuck on HIGH, then walked away. Today was something so backwards that I couldn’t wrap my mind around it, which made my brain hurt and my sense of humor break into brittle pieces. Today was the day Rebecca was scheduled to move from her apartment back into homelessness. She had arrived from the street (under a bridge, actually), slept in a bed for six months, and was now headed back to the street, but only after everything had been packed in boxes in a weird reverse motion, and shoved into a 5″ x 10″ storage rental unit which promised the first month free, but lied.

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Ethna is the author of the poetry collection Sky Thick With Fireflies (Salmon Poetry, 2012).


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