Everything You Put in Your Mouth

“Everything You Put in Your Mouth,” a story by Paul Michel (fiction, ’98) appears online at Writing Tomorrow.

The darkness at night was complete. Martin dreaded it every winter evening when he made the drive between Homer, where he owned a natural foods store, and the outskirts of Eureka, where he lived with his wife. Beth begged him to relax. Only eighty miles, she said. Hardly further than your old commute in Seattle, and in half the time. No more I-5 gridlock. No more stop lights and diesel fumes. No more road-rage. No more stress. The darkness, she said, is why we came out here. This is the life we always dreamed of. It’s something we’ve worked for. Earned, even. Think of it as our darkness, she told him. Then it won’t be so intimidating. …[Keep Reading]…

Paul is the author of the novel Houdini Pie (2010, Bennett & Hastings).


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