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Today’s Poetry Daily pick is “Psalm 20,” by Patrice De La Tour Du Pin, translated by faculty member Jennifer Grotz.

When you appease my heart, I’ve nothing left to say,
my agitated words fall fast asleep.

I don’t even remember my petty dramas—
your lullaby sings me awake.

Others assure me I imagine this, that to receive you
the wound in my chest must stay fresh. …[Keep Reading]…

Also check out June 6th’s pick, “The Relativity of Sorrow,” by Joanne Dominique Dwyer (poetry, ’09).

Mercy is the combing of tangled hair
the sewing up of a split lip
the staying of an execution.
So the prisoner remains alive
until he or she dies a natural death
and the priest returns to say the last rites
one more time like an encore
of rednecks shouting Freebird.
Mercy Mercy Me
 sang Marvin Gaye,
but he was shot in the head anyway.  …[Keep Reading]…


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