New Work by Kathryn Schwille

New work by alumni Kathryn Schwille (fiction, ’99) titled “FM 104” appears in the latest issue of the online journal Memorious.

FM 104

Coyotes, weasels, green flies, crows. The animals heard it first. Along
the weedy edge of Texas Route 20, a turkey buzzard quit the possum she’d
lucked into and took cover in a stand of pines. The wild pig under
Beeman Bennett’s oak trees snorted twice and froze. To us, it came from
out of nowhere: two blasts and the roar of a crashing train that rumbled
far too long. Our windows rattled, our floorboards quivered, our
breakfasts trembled on their tables. We thought terror, we thought
bombs, we thought of our loved ones. A few of us thought to scream.

Read the rest online.  


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